present an event for

7:30 p.m. PST (-8:00 GMT)

Nevada Speedway

What is it?:

Desert Ratt's!

Unlimited, unarmed Rattlers, EXCEPT 305 engine ONLY... no other engines allowed!

Who? YOU!

What? Nitro, rules stated above. 305 Phaedra Rattlers.

Where? Map called Nevada Speedway, available at LSM. Look on Cali12 for the game!

...get the map by clicking the banner above...
...check the status by clicking the banner below...

When? (Check the time listed above!)

Why? Because we're FREAKS!

How? Well... if ya can't figure that out... nevermind...

Like the music you're hearing? GrizZz made it! You can get the whole song at his site, but keep watching, he'll be releasing another great mix sometime soon!

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